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Some of the benefits

Find out what features are available when you are offline. Ask questions or give feedback on your experience. There can only be two possible explanations for how bad this app is.


The folks at Diners are complete tech morons. My guess it is a little of both. I use to think Diners Club was old folks.

Must have created this app. Come on Diners!

There is no reason not to have a full service app like all other credit card companies offer! Poor service. Requires iOS Ms O'Conner said: ''Diners Club online transaction summary is working and customers are able to log on and access their transaction details.


Account confusion deals Diners Club a blow

Other problems on the internal documents included missing new charges, international displays on currency, and an exchange rate not displaying against transactions. The company, however, said ''customers are able to use and access the online transaction system'' while acknowledging changes ''to the display and format of the system. Some of the service issues reported by Diners Club customers, in their words, verge on the ''comical. The difference between a positive and a negative number is just a tiny dash of ink,'' Mr Colson said.

Diners Club disputes this conclusion, as well. Because of Diners Club's ease of use for large clients like Woolworths, Coles, and the Department of Defence, it has long been considered a ''cash cow'' businesses, providing organisations easy-to-use cards for hotel, air line, car rentals and cash access, said a source close to the company.

Treasure Coast Savor Diners Club

Coles were unavailable for comment. Woolworths confirmed last week that it had had problems with Diners Club. The Department of Defence confirmed it has been ''experiencing several service interruptions following a major system upgrade'' and said it was ''working closely'' with Diners Club to ''rectify these issues and expects resolution shortly.

Citi's Ms O'Conner refused to comment on individual clients. Repeated requests for comment from Commonwealth Bank went unanswered.

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