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  1. What It Means for a Show to Be Syndicated and How the Practice Got Started
  2. Syndication no joking matter for sitcoms
  3. What It Means for a Show to Be Syndicated and How the Practice Got Started

What It Means for a Show to Be Syndicated and How the Practice Got Started

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Syndication no joking matter for sitcoms

This format was eventually replaced by phonograph records, then tape recordings, cassettes and CDs, and while the practice of buying and selling radio shows is ongoing, today they are likely to be downloaded. A cultural phenomenon at the start of the Great Depression, the 15 minute show aired six nights each week and boasted upwards of 40 million listeners. Throughout the s, syndicated radio shows remained popular due in no small part to programs such as The Adventures of Superman , which ran through The ad campaign was so popular that Ziv was able to transform it into a full-fledged, 15 minute, five-day each week radio program, which he soon syndicated across the South and Midwest.

Realizing he had found a new market, within a decade Ziv had built a successful syndication company, selling shows such as Favorite Story and Bold Venture , this last starring Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, to stations across North America. Between the two game shows alone they average more than 22 million viewers daily which helps to explain why they are among the longest-running syndicated shows in history.

Another notable syndicated champion is Seinfeld.

What It Means for a Show to Be Syndicated and How the Practice Got Started

That will mean that a company like CBS Television Distribution may have its shows competing for viewers in the same timeslot on multiple stations. Phil and Judge Judy may be on at the same time on rival stations.

It's inevitable that one show will have higher Nielsen ratings than the other, but despite sounding cannibalistic, the syndication company has the satisfaction of knowing that it made deals for both programs. Yes, it is tied to the CBS broadcast network, but its mission is entirely different.

How to Structure a Real Estate Syndication

That's why it will sell shows to stations affiliated with the other networks. There is a lot of money to be made. There are two types of broadcast syndication. A program like Dr. Phil is called first-run syndication. That's because the program was originally created to be sold to local stations. It is airing for the first time on local channels nationwide. The other type is called off-net syndication.

These are reruns that were originally shown on the networks, usually in prime time. Often, reruns of a TV network hit will be syndicated to local stations. Even though a series like Everybody Loves Raymond is no longer on the CBS prime time schedule, reruns air on local stations across the country, including those not affiliated with CBS.

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When a show like Raymond becomes a hit, it can generate two large piles of money.